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about the flying machine hypothesis

why do humans even want to survive?


As a species we have several basic drives (like mapping, bonding, control of surrounds, and procreation) that help us survive as a species.  

But let’s back up a bit - why as a species do we even care if we survive?

The short answer is - if our ancestors didn’t we probably wouldn’t be here.  Other species or sub-populations that didn’t have these drives have been filtered out and don’t have decedents here on earth with us (see species C, B and A2 in image).

Consider the 3 species in the diagram.  C doesn’t get far.  B gets further, but might be missing good co-operation amongst the species that would have helped them survive a drought or something similar.  A as some stage splits into  A1 and A2.  A1 happens to have better survival drives and so outlasts A2.  We are like A1, and you will notice has the darkest blue (representing higher survival drives).

So asking "why we want to survive" has got it backwards, it is more of a case that we are here because our ancestors had drives that helped them survive and enabled us to be decscended from them.

survival 11

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