brief definitions 

identities (widgets)

The identities we assume are like various parts or widgets that make the flying machine work.  They are the roles we feel we play in society and the cosmos (i.e. being a father, builder, friend)  more


The way we view the world and human’s place within it.  Also referred to as our “worldview” or “schema”.

perception (goggles)

Nobody sees the world and society directly, we all do it via the goggles of perception.  We take our previous experiences and learnings and they filter the way we see things   more

purpose (flying machine)

Our efforts for where we feel humankind should be heading.  more

shared meaning

When 2 individuals have a common view about how the world is or should be, they have a shared meaning.  

Shared meaning helps bind humans together.

Example - 2 Buddhists views on how animals should be treated have a shared meaning about that aspect.