primary drives

I believed there 4 primary and innate drives which have helped humankind survive, and that all our behaviours seem to fall broadly within.


mastery of cosmos - trying to regulate the world around us to ensure our survival.  mastery-harmony might be another perspective.

for example: building a fire, building shelter, working metals to catch prey better, exploring other planets to expand our species, building a more efficent car to save resources

mapping - trying to understand the world around us including social structures and relationships, the physical world

for example: a child mimics a parent’s behaviour, a need to explore and play, a drive to learn for the sake of learning

procreation - the urge to see one’s genes passed on, including through sex

for example: someone nearing the end of their fertility could feel a drive to have a child

bonding - wanting to build relationships with other humans.  Probably based on the concept that you are more likely to survive as a tribe than separate individuals.  Having a social network is highly correlated with happiness

for example: going to the pub, a relationship between child and mother, marriage

NB - It is relatively simple to go through your day and broadly categorise which primary drive ours (and others) actions fall within

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